Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Episode Nine: Andy Woodworth

Steve speaks with Andy Woodworth, a New Jersey public librarian who blogs at Agnostic, Maybe.

Andy is a public librarian in New Jersey. He spends his days surrounded by vast amounts of information which he consumes on a fairly regular basis. He was named a 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. His blog was the recipient of  the only Honorable Mention ever awarded on the LISNews "Top 10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2010" (read and you’ll see why) and received First Place in the Salem Press Blog Awards in 2010. You can follow him on Twitter @wawoodworth.


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  1. Hey namechecked! I will listen to this tonight. If you want to chitchat on the podcast, just drop me an email.

    1. Thanks, Jessamyn. You're definitely on the list of people I want on the show!

  2. I would like to comment on Andy's views on relocating. Some people cannot relocate to work because of various factors. I am motivated to work in another state but forces I do not control prevent me from relocating. I am a highly motivated person but the forces I mentioned also prevent me from trying to relocate. Andy does not understand that there are people like me out there that can only take jobs in the areas where we live. Librarians like me should not be called by others just because others believe we are not motivated to relocate to gain employment.